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Bauma Light TRL620Y Mini Track Loader

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TRL620Y Mini Track Loader powered by Yanmar

The Baumalight TRL620Y tracked mini skidsteer is manufactured in Ontario Canada and powered with a Yanmar diesel engine, Yanmar rates their engines a bit more conservatively so we show the HP lower but it has a bigger displacement engine and a bit more torque than the Kubota in our other unit. The frame is two inches longer and so has slightly more lifting capacity but everything else is the same as the TRL620D.

The hydrostatic drive is set up with two joystick controls with hydraulic pilot lines just like large skidsteers have. The remote hydraulic pump system with case drain delivers hydraulic flow that can be set to maximum engine capacity and the standard self-levelling bucket reduces spills and provides extra control when loading and unloading material. The Baumalight all metal frame mini track loader also features durable rubber tracks that can handle uneven or rough terrain, and ride-on platform for improved visibility while maneuvering through confined areas.

A three-pump hydraulic operating system is used, one for hydraulic flow to run the machine’s auxiliary & boom and two pumps for the propulsion systems, one for each drive motor. There is also a dedicated oil cooler to better manage hydraulic heat generation and the lift cylinders are cushioned at the end of stroke.

TRL620Y Mini Track Loader
Sale Type
Bauma Light
Engine Hp
22.8 HP
Drive Type
Pin Height
Engine Type
Boom Control
Joy stick
1.267 L
Engine Brand
Travel Speed
4.57 Km/h
Drive Control
Joy stick
Fuel Tank Size
Number Of Pumps
Ground Clearance
GPM Under No Load
Relief Setting (psi)
Length Without Bucket
Width (without Bucket)
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity
40 Litres
Ground Weight (without Weight Kit)
4 lbs per sq. in

Bauma Light TRL620Y Mini Track Loader OPTIONAL D004075 BOBCAT MOUNTING PLATE

Bobcat Mini Skidsteer mounting plate can be mounted in the factory or it can be pinned in the field. (85% discount if the plate is order with the Mini Skidsteer unit)

Bauma Light TRL620Y Mini Track Loader D005740 Electric AUX option for TRL620D/TRL620Y
As an added option we can offer a boom mounted electric AUX option for the TRL620D/TRL620Y tracked unit, this can be ordered at the factory or field installed
Bauma Light TRL620Y Mini Track Loader D006112 Weight kit

Add 330 lbs tipping capacity by adding this weight kit

Bauma Light TRL620Y Mini Track Loader Lofa Engine Control Panel

This heavy duty aluminum low profile micro panel from Lofa Industries offers plug ‘n play installation, engine monitoring and shutdown, LED diagnostic display and auto preheat with afterglow.

Bauma Light TRL620Y Mini Track Loader Spring Cushioned Front Idler

The front idler in the tracked model is spring cushioned. This spring cushioning provides relief on the undercarriage when the track hits a curb or a large rock.

Bauma Light TRL620Y Mini Track Loader Operating Capacity

The TRL620Y model offers a best in class operating capacity of 800 lbs (50% of tip capacity).

Bauma Light TRL620Y Mini Track Loader Far Reach

When you need to reach a far distance, the Baumalight Tracked model is designed for maximum reach. This design feature allows you to load and unload trailers or dump your load from further away.

Bauma Light TRL620Y Mini Track Loader Hydraulic Float

The hydraulic float feature allows the operator to gently skim the attachment along the contour of the surface without down pressure or lift.

Bauma Light TRL620Y Mini Track Loader Dual Joystick Controls

The dual joystick control system allows you to easily operate the drive system and the boom at the same time.

Bauma Light TRL620Y Mini Track Loader Aux Pressure Gauge and 12V Plug

The dashboard has a convenient auxiliary pressure gauge and a 12V plug.

Bauma Light TRL620Y Mini Track Loader Standard Case Drain

Sometimes referred to as a third line, the case drain line will relieve any excess pressure and drain it back to your return line, then into the reservoir.

Bauma Light TRL620Y Mini Track Loader Ground Speed

The ground speed of the Baumalight Mini Skidsteers is quite impressive with the tracked model able to reach 4.57 km/h.

Bauma Light TRL620Y Mini Track Loader YANMAR DIESEL ENGINE

The TRL620Y model is powered by a rugged 22.8 HP Yanmar 3TNV80F diesel engine. The increased displacement (1.267 L) of the Yanmar engine equates to a higher torque output.

Bauma Light TRL620Y Mini Track Loader Cold Air Intake and Oversized Radiator

To increase the power and ensure cooler running, the Yanmar engine has a cold air intake and an oversized hydraulic radiator.

Bauma Light TRL620Y Mini Track Loader High Capacity Fuel Tank with Gauge

The high capacity fuel tank holds 40L of fuel allowing you to work longer. The tank also comes with a convenient fuel gauge.


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Bauma Light TRL620Y Mini Track Loader CUSTOMER PHOTOS

Tracked units ready to go at the factory

Bauma Light TRL620Y Mini Track Loader In use by a local person