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Bauma Light FBXD752

Call for Price

Feller Buncher For Excavator

 We are working to design a number of Feller Buncher models and welcome feed back in exchange for preproduction discounts. Our goal is to sell through dealers and then work with end users to develop compact harvesting solutions for skid steers and medium sized excavators. The first excavator mounted Feller Buncher we have build features a 52” cutting disc that can take up to 20” trees and is equipped with 18 beaver style cutting teeth. We also designed this excavator mounted feller buncher with a Slew Drive so there is continues rotation, no stop at any point.

It has an electric-over-hydraulic system which operates efficiently on hydraulic flows as little as 30 gpm and a smaller model would work on lower flow yet. Only one set of remote hydraulics is required to operate all functions if you have an AUX electrical connection. We are very open to requests for new features, larger or smaller models for both skidsteer and excavator.

Sale Type
Bauma Light
specifications – comparison chart
Excavator Mounted
360° Slew drive
Bolt-on Adaptor
Slew Drive
4000 PSI
Requires Case Drain - Critical
Requires 12V Electric
Six 12V positive switchable signals required
Wire NOT Supplied
Hoses & Couplers NOT Included
52" Diameter Blade
20" Max Cut
3/4" Steel Blade
1 5/8" Cutt Thickness
4 Edges Per Tooth
18 Teeth
B8000 Beaver Teeth
36" Throat Opening