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New Holland Windrower Headers

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Durabine PLUS Series disc headers take advantage of faster speeds on Speedrower® PLUS windrowers without compromising cutting and conditioning quality.


The MoxMax™ II PLUS true modular cutterbar found on Durabine PLUS heads provides an even cleaner cut with faster tip speed and a lower-profile compared to previous models.


HS Series Haybine sickle headers continue the legacy of impeccable cutting performance, fast drying, and time-tested reliability.


Choose the best conditioning system for your crops – rubber chevron rolls, steel chevron rolls, or high-contact chevron rolls.


The Durabine PLUS Series is designed to take advantage of faster speeds on Speedrower 220 PLUS and 260 PLUS windrowers without compromising cutting and conditioning quality. After all, productivity is more than how many acres you can cut – it’s also dry down time. Choose from two powerful models – the Durabine 416 PLUS with a 16’ 3” cut, or the Durabine 419 PLUS with the industry’s widest cut at 19’ 4”.New Holland Windrower Headers


Since 1964 when New Holland introduced the industry’s first combined mower-conditioner, the Haybine name has been associated with impeccable cutting performance, fast drying, and time-tested reliability. The legacy continues with the HS Series Haybine sickle heads available in 14-, 16-, and 18-foot high-capacity models for Speedrower PLUS Series windrowers.New Holland Windrower Headers


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durabine™ plus disc headers
New Holland Windrower Headers


To maximize productivity, the all-new MowMax™ II PLUS true modular cutterbar delivers a cleaner cut. Longer knives extend each module’s cutting diameter by nearly an inch and turn with 14 mph faster tip speed (195 mph vs 181 mph) than the previous series at 2,600 disc rpm. For better crop-to-knife engagement, the cast rock guards were reshaped. To improve cutting in light or late-season crops, the profile of the cutterbar was lowered by bringing the discs closer to the cutterbar with new low profile ShockPRO™ hubs. Along with the longer knives, this design is more productive in down and tangled crops as the cutting height was lowered nearly 30%, leaving less uncut crop behind.

To optimize crop flow and conditioning, all-new Durabine 416 PLUS disc rotation delivers crop in four streams into the new Constant Flow Auger. The result? More even windrows with improved center fill. Crop wrapping is prevented and conditioning roll end wear in abrasive conditions is reduced.


With every Durabine PLUS disc head, you get the peace of mind provided by 36 months of cutterbar warranty coverage. Coverage includes one full year of base factory warranty, plus two additional full years of MowMax II PLUS disc cutterbar warranty. It’s a New Holland exclusive – you’re backed by the best in the business.New Holland Windrower Headers


When it comes to haymaking, your time is precious. The patented QuickMax System is standard and allows you to quickly change a damaged knife or flip an entire set of knives so you’re back to clean cutting in seconds. Fast knife changes are done with a 180-degree rotation of the discs and the use of a special tool stowed on the head, which pries down the spring plate to release the knife from the knife nut. Knife-lock technology assures knife retention in the most difficult conditions.

New Holland Windrower Headers


Durabine PLUS Series heads can be equipped with knives that best fit your crop conditions and soil types. All knives work with the QuickMax knife change system and feature two cutting edges so they can be flipped for double the life.
• 12- and 7-degree twisted smooth knives – 12-degree twisted smooth knives come standard for normal cutting conditions, while 7-degree twisted smooth knives offer clean cutting and reduced blowdown in light or short crops. University studies have shown that less knife twist can also help reduce ash content. New Holland recommends 7-degree smooth twisted knives in rocky or stony conditions.
• 12- and 7-degree twisted serrated knives – Serrated knives offer extended wear in abrasive crop conditions and may improve cut quality.


A full-length constant flow auger quickly moves crop away from the cutterbar for increased capacity, optimum feeding, uniform conditioning, and an evenly-distributed windrow. This heavy-duty, 20-inch auger features thick, 5/16-inch flighting with reinforced gussets on the back to handle the heaviest crops with ease. For optimal crop flow, multiple paddles are staggered throughout the auger. To protect the conditioning rolls, a rock door is located behind the auger, which can be opened to allow debris to drop out, as well as reduce turbulence in very light crop conditions.

New Holland Windrower Headers


When the conditions get tough, rest assured that Speedrower 220 PLUS and 260 PLUS windrowers will maintain impressive cutting performance. In comparison to prior models, the new Danfoss® Hydraulic electronically-controlled pump provides increased hydraulic flow while turning at a slower rated engine speed. To provide quieter header drive and improved oil flow, the header drive is transmitted through a hydraulic distribution block and low back-pressure flat-faced couplers. High-performance Bondioli hydraulic motors on the head increase the header drive working pressures and provide superior reliability.

New Holland Windrower Headers


Diverse crop harvesting is no problem for Durabine PLUS Series disc headers. You can change conditioning modules quickly to suit crops and maximize quality or remove the conditioning module entirely and outfit the header with a closure kit for wide swaths of non-conditioned hay. The large, 10.4-inch diameter rolls with a chevron-lug profile grip the crop and provide even flow through the rolls for uniform conditioning and fast-drying swaths or windrows. Tailor roll pressure to crop yields without tools with the turn of a hand crank that delivers consistent, thorough conditioning for all crops. All roll conditioning systems feature the proven torsion-bar roll-pressure system with over-center linkage that momentarily releases roll pressure, allowing slugs of crop or foreign objects to pass without plugging for non-stop mowing.

• Rubber chevron rolls – Choose gentle chevron rubber rolls for full-stem crimping and cracking of high-value legume crops. The rubber compound and wide chevron lug profile provide gentle handling to protect delicate, high-value leaves for maximum forage quality.
• Steel chevron rolls – Durable chevron steel rolls are designed for use in all crop types but show a real advantage in cane-type crops, grain forages, and extra-tall grass crops. The steel chevron lug profile provides aggressive full-stem crimping, and the rugged, all-steel construction resists wear in abrasive crops and conditions.
• High-contact urethane rolls – When full-stem crushing is needed for fast drying, New Holland high-contact rolls are specially machined for an exact fit for complete stem conditioning. These rolls feature machined chevron grooves to grip and move crop effectively without sharp angles that can damage valuable leaves.

New Holland Windrower Headers


Fast drying requires the crop to be evenly distributed over a wide swath. Durabine PLUS disc headers provide extra crop control surfaces behind the conditioning system. The new swath baffle is 8 inches longer and has additional adjustable control surfaces that let you form the perfect swath for nearly any condition. For wide swaths, the baffle is lowered so the adjustable swath spreading wedges engage the crop stream to improve uniformity. When windrowing, the baffle is raised so the adjustable windrow fins engage the crop and improve center fill. Windrow shields are optimized to create a tunnel effect with a fluffing baffle, guiding crop into the windrow and creating a well-defined windrow edge.

New Holland Windrower Headers


haybine® sickle headers
New Holland Windrower Headers


Dual counter-stroking sickles feature a timed modular wobble drive that assures smooth cutting with minimal vibration and maintenance. Over-serrated knives slice quickly at over 1,800 rpm and the three-inch stroke delivers unrivaled high-capacity cutting for best-in-class performance. Bolt-on knife sections provide long cutting life and easy replacement, and adjustable knife hold-down clips help speed up maintenance.


The fully-adjustable five-bat reel sweeps crop smoothly to the exclusive floating auger. This 20-inch auger with five-inch flighting floats up to two inches to handle heavy crops and delivers crop evenly to the conditioning rolls.


New Holland chevron-design intermeshing rubber rolls are known for their thorough conditioning and fast crop dry down. The proven torsion-bar roll-pressure system applies near-constant pressure through the wide, 102-inch rolls. The system allows the rolls to open automatically when needed to clear slugs of material without stopping. No tools are needed to adjust conditioning roll pressure. High-contact chevron rolls and steel chevron intermeshing rolls are also available.

• A – Hand crank to adjust roll pressure
• B – Roll pressure indicator

New Holland Windrower Headers


specialty headers
New Holland Windrower Headers


The Durabine 416 PLUS Specialty Grass Seed Harvesting head delivers high-capacity performance in delicate crops that do not require conditioning, like grasses, flower seeds, and mint. A unique auger features flighting that tapers as it approaches the center of the head, with no paddles, supports, or conditioning rolls. A flexible lean bar in the front assists tall crop flow into the head, without sudden impacts that could shatter delicate seedpods. A second curtain hanging above the cutterbar improves crop flow. In the back, windrow-forming rods gently direct crop into a windrow ready for harvesting.


models and specification
New Holland Windrower Headers Durabine™ 416 PLUS  
Cutting width ft. in. (m) 16' 3" (4.95)
Number of discs 10
Conditioning system Chevron-pattern rubber or steel, or high-contact chevron
New Holland Windrower Headers Durabine™ 419 PLUS  
Cutting width ft. in. (m) 19' 4" (5.9)
Number of discs
9 ft., 2 in.
Conditioning system Chevron-pattern rubber or steel, or high-contact chevron
New Holland Windrower Headers Durabine™ 416 PLUS Specialty  
Cutting width ft. in. (m) 16' 3" (4.95)
Number of discs
9 ft., 2 in.
Conditioning system     –
New Holland Windrower Headers Haybine® 14HS  
Cutting width ft. in. (m) 14' 3" (4.34)
Number of discs
9 ft., 2 in.
Conditioning system Chevron-pattern rubber or steel, or high-contact chevron
New Holland Windrower Headers Haybine® 16HS  
Cutting width ft. in. (m) 16' 3" (4.95)
Number of discs
9 ft., 2 in.
Conditioning system Chevron-pattern rubber or steel, or high-contact chevron
New Holland Windrower Headers Haybine® 18HS  
Cutting width ft. in. (m) 18' 3" (5.56)
Number of discs
9 ft., 2 in.
Conditioning system  Chevron-pattern rubber or steel, or high-contact chevron
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