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MacDon R Series Rotary Disc Headers

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Setting a higher bar for rotary disc performance.

If you’ve been looking for a header that cuts alfalfa at speeds up to16 MPH (26 km/h) and powers through 12' (3.6 m) of cane or a heavy winter forage crop – MacDon’s R85 Rotary Disc provides all this and more. This next generation rotary disc machine has been significantly improved in almost every important area including frame strength, cutting angle, disc pattern, header flotation and conditioning. There’s even MacDon’s new Double Windrow Attachment that allows you to place up to 48' (14.6 m) of crop into a single windrow by combining three 16' (4.9 m) conditioned windrows. The result is a machine that delivers greatly improved cutting, crop handling and windrow formation, especially in tough, heavy or wet crop conditions.

FEATURES • Hydraulically driven header with high capacity • Lower daily and annual maintenance requirements due to fewer moving parts than some competitive disc mowers • Improved header float with fine-tune hydraulic adjustment on-the go • Heat treated cutting and wear components • separate replaceable guards to protect cutterbar between discs

SIZES • 13 ft. (4 m) • 16 ft. (4.9 m)
R Series Rotary Disc Headers
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Stronger, Less Maintenance Stronger, Less Maintenance

The replaceable inner skin on cutterbar access hoods helps to reduce possible damage to outer cover for improved resale value.

MacDon’s engineers have substantially strengthened the R85’s header frame by making sure that the top link, lower lift arms and all header parts are anchored or bolted into sturdy frame members. Operators will also appreciate the R85’s lower maintenance requirements thanks to its fewer moving parts than mechanical drive designs, and greasing intervals of 25 and 50 hours.

Cut Lower, Cut Cleaner, Cut FasterCut Lower, Cut Cleaner, Cut Faster

To help you cut lower and at a flatter angle we’ve both lowered the profile of the cutterbar and strengthened the design of the cutterbar cradle. These improvements combined with the R85’s sturdy frame design and excellent spring flotation system allows you to run the machine faster over rough terrain and still maintain a consistently clean cut.

Improved Capacity and Crop Handling Improved Capacity and Crop Handling

We’ve given the 16' (4.9 m) R85 an overshot auger to more efficiently transfer crop from the discs to the wide conditioner rolls and improve cutting performance in tougher conditions.

The R85 boasts a number of new features that improve capacity and crop handling. These include an optimized disc rotation pattern to reduce the amount of debris thrown across the cutterbar, and newly added accelerators on each disc to promote better crop flow in thick and tangled crop. Together, these improvements add up to significantly increased cutting capacity, reduced crop stripping and improved windrow formation.

New Overload ProtectionNew Overload Protection

R85 cutterbars feature a single removable key on the outside hubs that will shear if the disc comes in contact with an object that stops its movement. The hub can then be removed and the key replaced, allowing the operator to quickly get back to cutting.

Double Windrow Attachment Option Double Windrow Attachment Option

MacDon’s double windrow attachment feature lets you lay up to 48' (14.6 m) of crop in a single windrow. This is ideal for today s large forage harvesters and can translate into significant time and fuel savings for producers who employ this feature.


R Series
Double Placement          32 ft. (9.8 m)

Triple Placement             148 ft. (14.6 m)

 1 Triple placement is possible with the installation of GPS Auto Steer on your Windrower

Widest Conditioning Rolls on the Market Widest Conditioning Rolls on the Market

To improve conditioning performance, the R85 Rotary Disc has been equipped with the widest steel on steel rolls on the market (118"/3000 mm). Wider rolls increase the amount of crop contact, improving crimping performance and ensuring thorough conditioning of the plant stem. These conditioning rolls also feature a design which more aggressively pulls crop away from the cutting discs, for reduced power requirements and improved performance.

Skid Shoes Skid Shoes

Improves the placement of the cutterbar in relation to the ground, thereby reducing wear on the cutterbar and enhancing the in field performance of the header.

Gauge Rollers Gauge Rollers

Attached behind the cutterbar to reduce wear on the cutterbar wear plate and improve the movement of the header over uneven terrain, as well as in sand or firm soil conditions. Optional for A and 16' R Series. PerformancePlus™ Extended Warranty

MacDon already makes one of the most reliable Windrowers on the market, and now that legendary reliability is backed up by MacDon’s available PerformancePlus® Extended Warranty. See your local MacDon dealer for details.

*Only available in North America on new windrower sales.

r85 rotary disc header specifications
Size 13 ft. (4 m) 16 ft. (4.9 m)
Weight 3,000 lb. (1360 kg) 4,300 lb. (1955 kg)
Drive (Maximum Hydraulic Power) 130 HP (97 kW) 231 HP (172 kW)
Cutting Speed/Knife Tip Speed 1,800 to 2,600 RPM/131 MPH (210.8 km/h) to 189 MPH (304 km/h)
Cutting Angle Range 0-8? below horizontal
Number of Cutting Discs/Blades 8/2 10/2
Hay Conditioner Roll: Type/ Length Intermeshing steel bars, 118 in. (3000 mm) Intermeshing steel N-bars, 118 in. (3000 mm)
Gear Train Protection Shearable key in each spindle
Options Tall crop divider, gauge roller (only available for 16 ft./4.9 m model), adjustable skid shoes, double windrow attachment, hydraulic couplers for quick attachment