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MacDon M Series Windrowers

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Windrowing technology takes another leap forward

How do you improve a machine that has set industry benchmarks for speed and productivity? The answer is you focus on pushing the boundaries even further; things like giving every model a horsepower boost, improving operator comfort with an all-new suspension system and boosting infield performance with an upgraded header drive. What you won’t find changed are the things operators loved, such as intuitive controls, easier maintenance and the exclusive Dual Direction® technology that permits faster travel to and from the field at road speeds up to 23 MPH (37 km/h).
M Series Windrowers
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features PerformanceParts™ Extended Warranty

MacDon already makes one of the most reliable Windrowers on the market, and now that legendary reliability is backed up by MacDon’s available PerformancePlus™ Extended Warranty. See your local MacDon dealer for details.

*Only available in North America on new windrower sales Up-Powered with Cummins Engines

All M Series Windrowers have received a significant horsepower boost thanks to the addition of Cummins engines across the board. At the top of the scale is the M205, which takes on all challenges thanks to its high powered Cummins turbo diesel engine (220 HP/164 kW at a rated 2,200 RPMs) that can automatically power boost to 230 HP (170 kW) when in extreme conditions. Powerful enough to run draper headers up to 40' (12.2 m), this tier 3 engine is fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. Equipped with Intermediate Speed Control (ISC) all header functions operate at full power with reduced engine RPM for increased fuel savings. Both the M155 and M105 also enjoy upgraded power with new tier 3 Cummins engines of their own.

 M Series Engine Specifications

  M205 M155 M105
Rated 220 HP 148 HP 110 HP
Boosted 230 HP 156 HP 115 HP
Refer to specifications for RPM details Exceptional Crop Clearance

The M Series frame features a wide wheel stance and an unobstructed, unmatched 45.7" (1160 mm) below frame clearance when cutting bushy crops. Making you Faster in the Field, Faster Between Fields and Faster Home

Switching from field to highway mode takes only three seconds with MacDon’s Dual Direction® technology. (Available on M205 and M155).

MacDon’s patented Dual Direction®technology (models M205 and M155) allows you to switch to highway travel mode in seconds and travel at highway speeds of up to 23 MPH (37 km/h). Better still, there is no need to detach the header and transport it via flatbed, saving you, even more, time and labor when moving from field to field. (Limitations may occur due to road width restrictions with larger headers.)                             Ergonomic Cab

MacDon’s ergonomic cab, designed specifically for windrowing, ensures operator control and comfort during long harvest days. Its cab forward design and curved glass provide unparalleled visibility of the cutterbar, the stubble and full field conditions. New Ultra Glide™ Suspension System

M Series Windrowers are not just all about muscle and power; they also have a softer side, thanks to MacDon’s new Ultra Glide™ Cab suspension system. This four-corner “custom tuned” independent suspension system features suspension stabilization to prevent cab roll and “chop” for what is likely to be the smoothest ride you’ve ever experienced in a windrower. Computerized Cutting Control with Harvest Manager Pro

M Series Windrowers come with a fully computerized monitoring and header control system that provide the operator with real time readout of the header’s cutting performance and critical information. Operators will also enjoy easy, intuitive fingertip control of all header functions including MacDon’s highly popular “return-to-cut” feature that allows the operator to precisely return the header to the same setting after lifting it. The M105 features the Harvest Manager which includes some of the same monitor read-out display functions. New Enhanced Air Intake and Exhaust System

All regular engine and hydraulic maintenance points are within easy reach thanks to MacDon’s patented movable rail platform. The cooling system’s cores are easily slid or swung out for fast cleaning.

To accommodate the larger engine, the M205 and M155 feature a completely redesigned air intake and exhaust system which has resulted in a reworking of the windrower’s body and hood to allow for greater airflow into the engine. To keep up, the air filter has also been enlarged which has provided the added bonus of longer periods between service intervals. Sliding platforms

The sliding platform can be moved back to front to allow access to a number of service points including fuel fill, engine air filter, engine service points and access to cab doors. Additionally, the platform can be moved rearward to allow service of electrical and hydraulic components on the windrower. Large and easy access toolbox

The new larger toolbox is attached to the sliding platform to ensure that tools and replacement components are available when required. HID Lighting Option

Additional HID lighting is now available&for those who are looking to intensify their current M Series lighting package. This kit features two self-contained HID lights, ballasts&and all of the required wiring on your M Series machine. The light is a very bright white, almost blue in color. Hydraulic Header Tilt Option

Adjust header and guard angles on the go from the cab, enabling you to get the knife and guards closer to the ground for recovery of downed crops and improved performance in crops such as peas, lentils, edible beans and soybeans. New More Efficient Header Drive

To ensure that every ounce of power being generated is effectively delivered to the header drive motor, the M205 Windrowers feature a completely new header drive with a load-sensing circuit. The result is a simpler – more efficient – design with fewer working components that promises to be more constant, more dependable in tough cutting conditions. The header lift speed has even been increased thanks to a larger hydraulic pump. Add draper or auger headers with ease with a simple valve block. Easy Unplugging from the Cab

MacDon’s Hydraulic Header Reverser (optional for M205 and M155 windrowers) allows the operator to quickly unplug the conditioner and other major header components on augers and drapers without leaving the operator’s station.

sp windrower header compatibility
Header 1 M205 M155 M105

1 Booster spring kits may be required to float heavier headers equipped with options
2 On 13' (4 m) size only

R Series Rotary Disc Headers 2  
A Series Auger Headers  
D Series Draper Headers  
m series self-propelled windrowers specifications

Model M205 M155
Engine Cummins, 6.7 L, (409 cu. In.), 6 cylinder, turbo Cummins 4.5 L, (275 cu. In.), 4 cylinder, turbo
Horsepower Rated 220 HP (164 kW) @ 2,200 RPM, power boost to 230 HP (170 kW) @ 2,000 RPM Rated 148 HP (110 kW) @2,200 RPM, power boost to 156 HP (116 kW) @ 2,000 RPM
Weight 1 9,920 lb. (4500 kg) 9,610 lb. (4360 kg)
Batteries/Alternator 2, 12-volt/130 AMP
Fuel Tank 97 U.S. gal. (367 L)
Front Tread Width 134.25 in. (3410 mm)
Rear Tread Width Adjustable from 96.4 in. (2448 mm) to 135.7 in. (3448 mm)
Wheel Base 158.3 in. (4020 mm) field position
Crop Clearance 45.7 in. (1160 mm)
Drive Wheels 18.4 x 26 bar or turf, 23.1 x 26 turf or 600/65 R28 radial bar
Tail Wheels 7.5 - 16 SL or 10 x 16 formed casters, 10 x 16 or 16.5L - 16.1 forked casters
Transmission Hydrostatic, 3-speed electric shift motors
Field Speed 0-16 MPH (26 km/h)
Road Speed 0-23 MPH (37 km/h)
Final Drive Planetary gearbox
Cab Equipment Dual Direction® operator station, Ultra Glide™ cab suspension
Operator Station Deluxe multi-adjustable air ride seat, fold away trainer seat, windshield wipers, air conditioner/heater, tilt steering, egress lighting on cab 2
Instrumentation and Monitor System Harvest Manager Pro: ground speed, engine speed, header height, header angle, header float, knife SPM or disc RPM, reel speed, conveyer speed, hydraulic oil temperature, reel and conveyor index
Options Windshield shades (front and rear), weight box for towing header (required), lighting and marking kit for cab forward travel (required), reverser valve and plumbing, double windrow attachment, pressure sensor kit (for enhanced monitoring of header), booster springs. Hydraulic header tilt. Compatible with most GPS systems. Not all options are available for all models.

1 Add approximately 1,150 lb. (522 kg) to weight for tire package for M205, M155 and M105.

2 Egress lighting on cab not available on the M105.