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MacDon R1 Series Rotary Disc Pull-Types

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Don’t Be Limited By Transport Width. In Just 30 Seconds Our Road Friendly Transport Option, Transforms Both Our 13 And 16 Foot R1’s To A Narrow 9 Foot Wide Transport. This Allows For Quick, Safe Travel To, From, And Between Fields. The All New Forward Mounted Cutterbar Design Provides A Cleaner, Smoother Cut Than Ever Before, And It’s Backed By A 3 Year Cutterbar Warranty. No Matter What The Harvest Situation Or Conditioning Need, The R1 Lays Down Well-formed, Well-conditioned Windrows With The Industry's Widest Roll At 129” (328cm), And Four Interchangeable Conditioning Options. Don’t Limit Your Harvesting Possibilities, Find Out Why More Top Producers Trust Macdon For Their Harvest.
R1 Series Rotary Disc Pull-Types
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features 9’ Wide Road Friendly Transport (Optional)

Road Friendly Transport option is available on both models. This dealer installed option transforms the R1 to a road friendly 9’ (2.75m) wide transport. Switch from field to transport in 30 seconds, for quick, safe travel to, from, and between fields. Moving from a 10 to 16 foot mower can increase productivity by 60%, making this option ideal for operations where width restrictions are the limiting factor.

Clean Cut & 3 Year Cutterbar Warranty Clean Cut & 3 Year Cutterbar Warranty

Our low profile forward mounted cutting discs provide a flat header angle resulting in a cleaner, smoother cut than ever before. And this new design is backed by MacDon’s 3 Year Cutterbar Warranty. That’s our way of ensuring worry-free harvesting performance.

Serious Conditioning Serious Conditioning

Featuring the industry’s widest conditioning roll at 129” (328cm), and 4 interchangeable conditioning options. Choose from Steel Inter-Meshing, Polyurethane Inter-Meshing, Finger Conditioner, or No Conditioner option. The R1 lays down well-formed, well-conditioned WIDE to NARROW windrows to suit a variety of conditioning needs.

Unique Responsive Float Unique Responsive Float

Using minimal ground pressure, our Responsive Float System moves the R1 “Up and Back”, as it encounters bumps in the field. This unique movement results in true, even ground following and helps ensure a clean, smooth cut.

Low Horse Power Requirements (PTO Completion Package)Low Horse Power Requirements (PTO Completion Package)

Requires only 100hp for 13’ and 125hp for 16’ model. 1000 PTO 1.375” (35mm) / 21 spline or 1.75” (45mm) / 20 spline. Less horse power means less fuel consumption.


Available in 13’ (4m) and 16’ (4.9m) models.

Tall Crop Divider Option Tall Crop Divider Option

Hydraulic Header Angle Kit Option Hydraulic Header Angle Kit Option

Polyurethane Iinter-Meshing Conditioning Roller Option Polyurethane Iinter-Meshing Conditioning Roller Option

Conditioner Action

  • Delivers a combination crimp/crush action while being more gentle to plant leaves


  • A combination of the wide rolls (129”) which promotes a thin material mat and the roll profile (crush type) is ideally suited to such crops as alfalfa, alfalfa/grass mix
  • Also effective for finer stemmed plants which usually have more solid stems like native hay, timothy and bermuda grass

Steel Inter-Meshing Conditioning Roller Option Steel Inter-Meshing Conditioning Roller Option

Conditioner Action

  • A crimp style is especially effective for stiff or solid plant stem material
  • Produces well-formed windrows over a wide range of widths


  • For high volume crops where aggressive feeding through header is an advantage, such as milo, sudan grass, and oats
  • In smooth stemmed crops like timothy, the steel bars provide positive crop flow from cutterbar to the windrow
  • For alfalfa producers, the steel inter-meshing roll action assists plant dry down by creating uniform crimps on the plant stem, without bruising the delicate leaves
  • Able to provide consistent conditioning through uneven crop volumes
  • In areas where crops and or conditions are considered to be abrasive
  • Extremely durable requires minimal maintenance

Finger Conditioning Roller Option Finger Conditioning Roller Option

Conditioner Action

  • Wipes stem wax from plant stems


  • Crops and conditions where removal of stem waxes combined with fluffier windrows are able to achieve desired dry down times such as Coastal Grass and other mixed forages
  • Requires the least amount of horsepower of the conditioner types
r1 series pull-type disc mower specifications
Size 13 ft. (4 m) 16 ft. (4.9 m)
Cutting Discs 8/2 10/2
Horse Power Requirements 100 hp 125 hp
PTO 1000 RPM PTO 1 3/8" (35 mm) / 21 spline or 1 3/4" (45 mm) / 20 spline
Weight (Steel Conditioner): 5670 lbs (2572 kg) 6240 lbs (2830 kg)
Weight (Steel Conditioner with Road Friendly Transport): 7260 lbs (3293 kg)  7810 lbs (3543 kg)
Length (without Road Friendly Transport):  280” (711 cm) 338” (858 cm)
Length (with Road Friendly Transport):  328” (833 cm)  386” (985 cm)
Transport Width (without Road Friendly Transport):  160” (406 cm) 198” (502 cm)
Transport Width (with Road Friendly Transport):  106” (269 cm)  106” (269 cm)
Tractor Hydraulic Capacity(psi) 2000 psi
Tractor Hydraulic Remotes: Requires 2 remotes, 3 with Hydraulic Header Angle Adjustment option.
Gear Train Protection (Cutterbar) Shear pin in each spindle
Hay Conditioner Options: Type/Length Inter-meshing steel and Polyurethane rolls and Finger type / 129" (328 cm) / No Conditioner
Hitch Type: Drawbar or Cat. II 2-Point Hitch (Quick Hitch Adaptable).
Header Angle Adjustment

Manual standard, hydraulic optional.

Mower Configuration

Center Pivot

Field Tires 31-13.5 R15 8ply

Transport Tires (optional)

235-80 R16


Tall crop divider, and Hydraulic header angle adjustment
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